Tox Focus, LLC is a U.S. Department of Commerce Qualified Business Service Provider for REACH compliance, as well as a Chemical Watch Service Provider.

"Barbara was able to both apprise us of emerging requirements, and assist with compliance to current regulatory items, such as the EU's REACH, RoHS and CLP Directives....what we most appreciate is the occasional call or email to inform us of pending changes which could have an impact on our ability to distribute."  B.C., Gerber Scientific, Inc., Tolland, CT., USA.

Dr. Barbara Vogt, through Tox Focus, LLC, provides toxicology support to the chemical industry for commercial products and innovative R&D projects.  The special expertise of Tox Focus, LLC is the preparation of regulatory submission documents for chemical substances in Europe for the new REACH program and the Cosmetics Regulation.  Tox Focus, LLC has written the technical content of numerous dossiers (including IUCLID5 files and Chemical Safety Reports) for high volume substances and isolated chemical intermediates, and for cosmetics ingredients.

Tox Focus, LLC has exceptional expertise in REACH (Regulation, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, European Union), CLP (Classsification, Labelling and Packaging, European Union),  GHS  (Globally Harmonized System), Cosmetics Regulation, and state-specific compliance programs, including California's Green Chemistry Initiative.

Tox Focus, LLC provides proven expertise in areas related to cosmetic safety, reproductive toxicity, genetic toxicity, toxicology issues management and data review, toxicology study monitoring, computer modeling of toxicity, and risk assessment.